MMA Training, Workouts & Classes in Oklahoma

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) used for Self-Defense or Sport (Competition)

Mixed Martial Arts is a system that has 5 disciplines which involve kickboxing, boxing, judo, jujitsu and wrestling.  Each discipline has it’s own unique techniques to deal with your opponent or adversary.  Kickboxing uses kicking techniques, knees, elbows and hands. Boxing uses hands only.  Judo will teach you throws using your opponent weight against them.  Jujitsu teaches you joint locks from head to toe and to fight on the ground whether your opponent is on top of you or you on top of them.  Finally, wrestling techniques teaches you how to maneuver around your opponent while you are on the ground.

You will train like the fighters you see on UFC except on recreational level.  Competition is available if you would like to take your training further.

You will also achieve belt rankings in MMA under the Mincey combat system.  You will get cardio, lose weight, tone muscles and know how to protect yourself.

Age Group:
12yrs and up for men and women.

MMA Class Schedules: (Click Here To See The Entire Class Schedule List)

Classes Daily & Times Vary – MMA requires you to train in all areas of the academy. Times Vary. Please contact Conan for more information and to set up a schedule that will suit the training needs.