Children’s Training & Tae Kwon Do Classes

Childrens Tae Kwon Do ClassesAt Conan’s Kickboxing, Karate, Jujitsu & MMA Academy our children’s program is second to none.  We realize that although the ability to defend ones-self is important, there are far more important benefits from involving your child in the martial arts. This is why our unique program of work and fun is design to instill:

  • effort and concentration
  • character and self esteem
  • sincerity and respect
  • self-control
  • etiquette

By embodying the above principles into the children’s self-defense classes, the Academy has made a strong commitment to the development of today’s youth.  Starting at 5 on up our special programs will improve your child’s performance in other sports as well as improving study habits and concentration.

Available Classes:

American Tae Kwon Do & Chuk Kune Do(Chuck Norris System):

Age Group – 5 yr old to 11 yrs old

Kids Boxing:

Age Group – 7yrs old to 11yrs old

*(Adults Class are 12yrs Old and Up)

Childrens Class Schedules: (Click Here To See The Entire Class Schedule List)

Intro Karate

Friday: 6pm

Kids Karate (American Tae Kwon Do) (1 & 2)

Monday & Wednesday: 6pm (2)

Tuesday & Thursday: 5pm  (1)