Creed, Rules & Code of Conduct


To establish a “Creed” which gives us a philosophy of life.

  1. Discipline – the key ingredient for success in life is the discipline of mind and body. Setting goals and making sure they are accomplished builds discipline. Whatever goal I set for myself, I will first get a mental image in my mind of exactly what it is I want to achieve, then I will be determined and persistent enough to overcome all obstacles that get in my way towards that goal.  Finally, I will train or study accordingly until that goal is accomplished.
  2. Integrity – I will be sincere and honest in my relationships with others and maintain high moral principles in my daily living.
  3. Loyalty – I will be faithful, support, defend, maintain allegiance, and be true to my family, my country, my friends, the United Fighting Arts Federation, and myself.
  4. Respect – I will show my respect for others by following the 12 principles of the Code of Ethics, for respect must be given in order to be received.

IV. Rules and Regulations

To Establish “Rules and Regulations” Of The Conduct For Use Inside The Studio.

  1. No profanity in the studio.
  2. No Smoking in the studio
  3. Only approved shoes are to be worn on the mat
  4. Everyone will bow before entering and when leaving the mat area.
  5. All instructors will be addressed as “Mister”, “Mrs.”, or “Miss”
  6. When a higher Black member enters the studio with a class in session the instructor will stop the class, and acknowledge his presence by having the class bow to him or her.
  7. No student shall join or leave class in progress without the instructors permission.
  8. Students will not free spar without a protective cup.
  9. No student will ask or challenge a higher ranking belt to free spar
  10. No jewelry will be worn during class
  11. Students will not chew gum during class
  12. Students will always work out in a clean uniform
  13. Students will always keep fingernails and toenails trimmed.
  14. No student will test for promotion if behind on lessons or payments

V. Code of Conduct

  1. Service – Give Unselfish service by helping and encouraging other students participation in service projects and showing pride in the school by maintaining a clean orderly place to train.
  2. Respect – students will not only show etiquette for the seniority system and honor senior members, but show respect for self, others students and all human beings.
  3. Honesty – Our personal business, family lives will be conducted honestly: no lying, cheating or stealing.
  4. Self-Improvement – Develop a habit of lifelong learning by studying books and tapes on success and self-improvement and practicing the principles in daily life.
  5. Health – protect our skills by avoiding harmful health practices such as smoking, drugs and excessing use of alcohol.
  6. Loyalty – support the Chun Kuk system, the united fighting art federation, your instructor and school and fellow students by work and action.
  7. Character – reflect honor and respect on the Martial Arts and our association by living a clean and upstanding life.
  8. Control – Beginners will mask emotions. Advanced students will control and discipline emotions and actions – act not react.
  9. Courage – Develop courage by opposing influences that can cause failure or defeat mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically.
  10. Sincerity – Demonstrate sincerity by carring the code outside the school and into personal life, not being two faced or hypocritical.

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