Martial Arts Foundation

It is the mission of Conan’s academy to provide training in a variety of martial arts disciplines that provides kids and adults with effective self-defense methods and help them build confidence and self esteem. Conan’s academy provides a positive vehicle for kids and adults who are underprivileged and or poorly-equipped to function in complex social situations. It is the goal of Conan’s to create a positive learning atmosphere for kids and adults to renew their self confidence and help them succeed in life. Donations will help the kids and adults achieve there dreams and goals. Donations will help on getting equipment, uniforms, competitions events etc,. Any underprivileged kid or adult that needs a little financial help to accomplish their dreams or goals to get uniforms, equipment or even to a tournament will benefit. All donations go to Conans Kickboxing Academy Foundation that world-champion Scott “Conan” Mincey started back 2015. I have helped kids and adults in the past using my own funds since I started back 1996. Conan’s academy has grown to where it prompted me to get a charity foundation started to help financially help underprivileged kids and adults.

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